Happy New Year!

It’s 2015 and we are all healthy…today. It was a rough break as far as being sick goes. First Lexi almost 2 weeks straight leading up to the break, then Ashlyn picked up an ear infection. Right after Christmas day it started with Shan and I and we are just starting to feel human again. It was the first time Shan and I have been down at the same time and I can tell you it wasn’t easy with the kids. Pretty sure on the first day they watched 6 movies and everytime they needed something Shan and I just looked at each other like I don’t think I can make it.

We didn’t let that get us down. Christmas was awesome.

It started with – Lexi wasn’t feeling great that day but stepped up to help us deliver all the brushes and paste we collected for Agape Table. It was a truly humbling experience for me and I am sure as the tradition continues the girls will get more and more involved. Watching Lexi walk around with her Santa sack asking people if they wanted their own toothbrush for Christmas warmed my heart. Can hardly wait to do this again next year.

Christmas morning the kids were up bright and early for rip fest. Santa brought Lexi her Pogo Stick and Ashlyn got her baby and her very own copy of “Emma’s Wings”. Lego was also a big hit with Lexi this year so I am excited to see her interested in that. We also go the girls balaclava’s to wear under their hockey helmets and when Ashlyn opened hers up Lexi said “oh look another ninja mask!”.

Christmas Day we all went up to see Grandma before coming back to our place for Christmas Dinner. Just before dinner we had a visit from a group of Christmas Carolers which I thought was a really neat touch. The girls were awe watching them sing. They were raising money for kids in the Philippines so we tipped well hoping they will be back next year!


Celebrated New Years with an extra Nolan’s Hockey on Christmas Eve and some Chinese Food with the Barthel’s. Good times. Big thanks to Nolan for the fireworks on the front street. I am sure my neighbours were impressed. We made it until almost 9pm before putting the girls to bed and then Shan and I almost saw 11:30pm before calling it! So close this year.

Lot’s of love in 2015, I think it’s going to be a doozie.


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