Vegas Peever The Golden Retriever

I will miss you. We all will. Best friend ever.

  • I will miss the way you look back at me in the morning when it’s time to eat and go out.
  • I will miss the way you look at your sisters when they are eating peanut butter toast. I am sorry for calling you “Begas”.
  • I will miss the play fights, the butting heads and knowing your hardly biting. Thanks for all the times you have distracted me from playing dolls to get in a little scrap.
  • I will miss on our walks to the park, to the school, to the river.
  • I will cherish our winter walks on the that river especially the late late ones.
  • I will miss watching your bury your head in the snow looking for your ball.
  • I will miss the way you chase the kids down the hill on their toboggans. I’m sorry the snow stuck to your feet so much but I will miss watching you try to get it out.
  • I will miss shoveling the snow with you (on you).
  • I will miss you around our campsites. Sioux Narrows will never be the same without you.
  • I will miss swimming with you the most.
  • I will miss sneaking and chasing you off the dock, and pushing you off!
  • I will miss watching you bob for your wubba in the shallows.
  • I will miss sleeping with you on those big pillows.
  • I will miss playing frisbee with you. You were amazing, the best. Such a fast learner. I could hardly wait to show people what you could do.
  • I will miss kicking that frisbee out of in front of the lawnmower with each pass.
  • I will miss you finding every puddle to lie in at the field.
  • I will miss the Scooter runs, the bike trips, and the roller blading.
  • I will miss tug-o-war and the way you try and use your paws!
  • I will miss watching Lexi and Ashlyn hold your leash. Thank you for being so gentle with them.
  • I will miss you drinking in the backyard pool while I am filling it up.
  • I will miss Al chasing you around the yard.
  • I will miss you in Joel’s pool this summer but I am so glad you got to swim there.
  • I will miss your excitement when you hear Papa’s car.
  • I will miss the weight of your head in my lap when I’m sitting on the floor.
  • I will miss spoonsies and the smell of your coat. Not that lake stank smell but your smell.
  • I will miss the way you kiss Lexi’s face when she gets home from school and she yells out “YUCK VEGAS LICKED ME” and runs to the bathroom. I will just miss you at the door period. In the window.
  • I will miss your gentle nature. The bunnies appreciate your tolerance and sharing of the yard.
  • I will miss watching the girls dress you up.
  • I will miss watching the girls cuddle you up.
  • I will miss listening to you drink water in the night and the rattle of your tin bowls as your try to get off any remaining morsel of food.
  • I will miss your nudging in while I read the girls their stories and the way Ash yells at you to get out of her room so she can have all my attention.
  • I will miss hearing you flunk down on the floor in between their rooms at night to make sure we are safe in the night. No seahorses!

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