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Lexi: "Daddy...?"

Me: "Yes Lexi...?"

Lexi: "Remember that time I got bit by a shark!"

Me: "Not really..."

Lexi: "Hmmm...must've been a dream!"

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

Lexi when getting out of the bath tonight.

“I’m frozen salted!”

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

Lexi gets me with this all the time now…

Me: “Hey who wants dessert?”

Both Kids: “I DO, I DO!”

Lexi: “You know who doesn’t like dessert Daddy?”

Me: “Who?”

Lexi: “Aliens!”

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

Driving home from daycare at a stop sign…

Me: “Hey look, Papa is right behind us…I wonder where he is going?”

Lexi: “Maybe he is coming to clean our house!”

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

While sitting on the toilet…

Lexi: “Counting toes makes you have to pee.”

At dinner tonight.

Me: “Good manners Ashlyn.”

Lex: “You know who doesn’t have good manners daddy…”

Me: “Who?”

Lex: “Aliens.”

Me: “Why is that?”

Lex: “Because they don’t go swimming.”

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

On the way to daycare this morning in the van.

Lexi: “DADDY! Look a squirrel shadow!”

Me: “WHERE?”

Lexi: “Ya missed it.”

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

This one is for anyone who doubts that kids thrive on routine. After daycare Lexi and I were playing GO FISH and out of the blue she said…

Lexi: Daddy, don’t you have to poop now?

Me: Actually I went at work today but thanks for asking!

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old

During a dance party Ashlyn spun herself around until she was really dizzy and then ran head first into the wall.


Lexi: I think she was trying to pass through it!

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old


Lexi: Daddy, why do we need toes.

—  Lexi Peever - 4 years old