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Ashlyn is 6

Wow this girl has done some amazing things this year. Much like she coined the phrase “Danger 4” she has has assured me that being 6 will be just a dangerous. Just last night I was swinging her on the rope swing and swung her so fast that she flew off like she was trying to clear the fence in our back yard! To add insult to injury as I tried to catch her in mid flight the swing came back and smoked her in the face. Oh what will the road to seven look like?


Welcome Chewie the Guinea Pig.

The girls have always wanted a Guinea Pig and every time we go near a Petland we are there for hours picking them all up and snuggling them for hours. The more we went the more they became attached and all of a sudden they were also very good at handling them very gently. Coincidentally one of the teachers at General Byng recently got one as a class pet and seeing the kids all pass her around made me think that getting one might not be so bad.

Also one of the kids I work with REALLY wanted one too so I decided to get myself one. This way I could bring it home and see how it goes and also have it at school for the kids and as a buddy for “Tribble”, our class pet. Long story short, this is Chewie.

I found Chewie on Kijiji for $0 and paid $20 for the cage she came in. I needed a cage anyway to bring her back and forth so it was really a no brainer. The girls love her and are starting to share her nicely (sometimes). Ashlyn wants a friend for Chewie for her next birthday so I made this cool home for them out of an old bookcase I found on Kijiji for $15. Ash helped me with the fancy lid.

I was worried about keeping Penny out but they have become really good furiends so it’s not really an issue. That was another big reason I didn’t want one at first because I though Pen would always need to be barricaded when Chewie was out playing with the girls. She still gets licked sometimes but doesn’t really seem to mind. Chewie even comes to Penny when she hangs her head into Chewies cage.

I really like these little guys. Need to clean the cage here and there but they don’t really need much. They are quiet when content and communicate by chirping ar you when they hear their food or when you pick them up. Fun and easy to care for that is forsure. Not sure what 2 will be like but we am sure to find out!

Lexi Is 8

As most of you know I have one of these videos for every birthday the girls have ever had. It’s amazing to look back on just how much they have changed over the years and how much fun we have had as well. WARNING this is 20 mins of Lexi-lash and is intended for family who might miss some of these gems.

Toothbrush Time

OK we’re late getting started this year but the toothbrush/toothpaste drive is underway. Once again this year our family will be handing out toothbrushes at Agape Table during our Christmas break. It may not be the 1000 we advertise but we will do our best to get as close to that as possible. Lexi and Ashlyn are looking forward to doing this again and for that reason alone I know we are doing something really good here.

So, if you have a new toothbrush or toothpaste from a recent dental visit please let us know and we will make arrangements to pick it up. One toothbrush is one person so every one counts. If we don’t see you between now and then…have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fruits and Veggies

strawberry-ashcakeWe went strawberry picking at Boonstra Farms this afternoon and got to taste what strawberries taste like when they move across plants and not trucks. We filled 2 baskets while Ashlyn filled her face. It was a great day just to be hanging outside really. We did the petting zoo before we left and then stopped for ice cream on the way home. We tried to hit up the “Spotted Cow” on North Main but was surprised to find out it isn’t even there anymore? So we hit “Scoops” on Main where Ashlyn discovered “Tiger, Tiger” for the first time!

OK, everybody knows I am not a huge fan of the fruits and vegetables food groups. Sometimes I will set a good example for the kiddies at dinner time but it’s not uncommon for me to skip the greens when making my plate. The kids have called me on it before asking mommy “why doesn’t daddy have to eat the vegetables?”. That’s when I tell them a little story about when I was their age…

Well you see children, when I was just a little boy growing up I ate soooooooooo many vegetables that when I got older I didn’t need to eat them as much. If you eat all your vegetables now you can be the same as daddy.

I truly believe that. But I also know that my body needs that green rodent food to function so this year we planted a garden! There is something wonderful about eating food you grew yourself. It tastes so much better. So I built these garden boxes, shoveled a bunch of soil, and Shan planted us some seeds. We went to Mandy’s Greenhouse for our seeds and plants because she is one of my favorite people, and because I made her website many years ago. She gave us so much awesome info while we were there too.





Now I have been fussing over these plants for months now and tonight we got our first taste of the lettuce we planted. We made this awesome garden salad and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching the girls eat it too, seeing as they don’t usually touch leafy greens. I think they wanted to try it too, mainly because we grew it ourselves. I can hardly wait to try the rest of what we planted. What have I become?

You don't make friends with salad.

You don’t make friends with salad.

Ashlyn is 5

It’s hard to believe this is my littlest one. She has had another amazing year with lot’s of big firsts…like a brand new daycare, nursery school, soccer, and dance. This video shows that sense of humor you possess and the amazing little girl you have become. This is mainly for family that’s why it’s so long!

Winter Update

Ok, we have been hiding from you winter.

The kids have been busy with school and activities. Lexi is doing gymnastics (at Panthers) and dance this year. She is built for gymnastics and I am always impressed at her strength and natural ability. She tries hard and has fun there so what else can you ask for. I sometimes think she needs to be challenged more and the instructors look like they would rather be texting but I know I have a knack for the negative so I look past. Friday nights after a long week topped off with gymnastics Lexi looks forward to what I like to call “Foot Rub Fridays” before bed. Lex is also losing teeth like mad. Four this year already and one more on the way so that is exciting for her. I can’t stand watching Shan wiggle them out for her.

bday-baconWe just celebrated Lexi’s 7th birthday and this year she chose Montana’s for her family dinner. It was a good time watching her stand on her chair with the horns on and I got to pack in the all-you-can-eat ribs. Nolan also showed up and brought the birthday bacon too! Win win.

For the friend birthday we decided on a pool party so we booked the Canad-inns a little late and had all the girls out. Last year one of Lexi’s besties had to move and I was able to track her down for the party. It was really cool to see Lexi’s face when she saw her…and the hug, it was one of the best hugs I have ever seen. Big thanks to everyone who helped out that day and Michelle for doing all the hair after!


Ashlyn is busy dancing and back in swimming. We called last minute for the swimming and ended up at Bernie Wolf pool. I’m not a fan but Shan says we are just there for a few months and it’s better than nothing. The instructors there make Lexi’s instructors look like Richard Simmons. I do see improvements in the pool though. At Lexi’s party Ash was fearless on the water slide.

Ashlyn is also adjusting to the morning routine much better now. I think pre-school is making her less anxious and daycare this year is gold. We love her there. Saying that though next year we will have just one drop off and pick up at the school and that will be so much easier. After playing most of the day Ashlyn likes to come home and have some alone time. She takes care of her babies still and has been getting into the lego lots lately. She also loves coming for walk with Penny and I which usually turns into her climbing up and down the snow banks filling her boots with snow!


I am ashamed at how long it’s been since I have written. My new years resolution was to “do what I want” as much as possible. I know that sounds selfish but mostly it means to find time to do things I enjoy like writing and listening to music. I don’t mean the kind of listening you do in the car or while your cleaning the house. I mean really listening. I think it also goes hand in hand with not putting up with unacceptable shit and giving zero fucks. Wouldn’t you know just like every other get ripped NY resolution I have had it’s February and I’m just getting started!

Shan and I have been walking the dog lots. She does the morning and I go in the evening. It’s one of those things that is hard to get up for and hard to keep your pants on for at night. Between dinner, and getting the kids to bed there is no down time until 8pm. Penny is a high energy breed (we have decided part Ridge Back) and really needs to get out and run when she can. She is really turning into an awesome dog. She still has her things (like jumping up) but she is really good off the leash now and can chill out a little more at night now. She is a champ at the dog park and sometimes at night we meet up in the field to play with her friend Eva. So nice that she is so awesome with other dogs.


Shan and I are getting away usually once a week too. Shan is playing soccer and I have the usual Nolan’s Hockey Sunday nights. Missed 14 weeks this year already with a pulled groin but have been playing the last 4 games and feeling much better out there. We are also both really involved in the Parent Council at Lexi’s school and taken on roles in the new inclusive playground development project. It’s another thing to add to the pile but we really love this community and want the best for all the kids who go to school here.

We did some really cool stuff this winter on skates and toboggans but now it’s time for the snow to go away. The kids are already talking about camping and we are already making plans and dreaming about what a summer might look like without house painting to do! Can’t wait, and I promise to post again before the snow comes back!

Lexi is 7

Well it’s been another great year for Lexi with so many great memories that I could barely keep the video under 25 mins. I understand those of you who aren’t able to stomach the cuteness for that long but there is a really dance sequence near the end you need to see! I might even Nay Nay a little.

Big Firsts for Lex

It’s been a summer of firsts for Lexi. First of all she couldn’t be more excited about losing her tooth. We had corn on the cob the night before so I am sure that helped but she couldn’t wait. She has another on deck too right next to this one. She left the cutest little note to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep it to show her grandparents. Sure enough she left a toonie and spared the tooth.


The girls and I go swimming a lot. With all the swimming they have done at Joel’s and the Y over the last year they have developed a real confidence in the water. So much that neither want to wear their “floaties” anymore. Sometimes it can be tough to accommodate them both at the pool when they want to do different things in different pools, or the deep end. We changed things up last week and went to Bonivital. Of course Lexi wants the slide in the deep end and Ash wants to collect duckies in the shallow end so I am going back and forth between them. The lifeguard gives me a warning that I need to be arms length of both of them in the pool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, was basically my response. I convince Lexi that collecting duckies is fun and it lasts for about 2 minutes before she is asking me about the big slide in the lap pool. I told her that she would have to do her laps with a life jacket on and then keep it on to go down the slide. When she asks the lifeguard for confirmation we learn that she needs to complete one full lap with no PFD assistance. I honestly didn’t think she could do it so I told her to try swimming across the pool we were in to test it out and she flies across like it was no problem. The life guard encourages her to try and the next thing I know my six year old is in the deep pool swimming it’s entire length! She earned a wristband and a green light to use the big slide and diving platforms. Even better I didn’t have be arms length anymore!

I was super proud of her and better yet she was super proud of herself. On the way out she asked if they would remember her next time of if she would have to do her laps again. “We will remember you they said…but you will still have to do your laps again!”

Penny Peever the Rotti Retriever?

Most of you have met, or at least know that we have a new edition to the family. Since Vegas passed in January we have really missed having a dog around and have been kind of looking. After visiting with the Rattes this summer and being around their dogs it really hit home how much we wanted our kids to have a dog back in their lives too.

“Penny” was actually Apple but after much deliberation and a small poll orchestrated by Lexi it came down to Princess Dusty Face, Turtle, Seabass (Nolan) and Penny. Penny won.

We found Penny through the good people at the Brandon Humane Society. We knew we wanted and puppy and after many visits to the Humane Society here in Winnipeg we found that most of the dogs there were older and that puppies that did come in went quick. So we made arrangements to visit Penny’s litter and quickly fell in love with all of them! Shan even wanted to take home their mother (who looked a lot like Vegas) just from seeing her picture!

Penny seemed to stand out as a gentle pup and she made an instant connection with Lexi. Shan and I picked her up on our way back from Fargo on August 7 and she has since adjusted to her new home and family. We are still house training a little bit (the basement seems like a challenge) but she has had zero accidents upstairs in days. We even took her on her first camping trip and she did awesome in the camper. We are regulars at the dog park and she does very well off the leash and socializes great with other dogs. We have been working a lot on sit and stay commands and she is learning fast. She loves her walks and when she uses up all her puppy power she sleeps through child mauling and our crazy day to day. At night and when we are out she finds solace in kennel which she seems to really like at times just to have some alone time. I was worried about the nights but she sleeps solid through the night and seems ready to get up when we are. She walks right to the door to goes outside for a poop so she is learning. I think if we let her she would save it all up for Nolan’s grass just like the other night.

Best of all she is awesome with the kids. Ashlyn still needs to get comfortable with her but it’s not uncommon for us to find Lexi curled up with her on the floor petting her while she sleeps. Or fake sleeps perhaps.