Busters BBQ

Address: 177 Highway 17 VERMILION BAY, ON
Phone: 1-807-227-5256

We were camping at Blue Lake again this year and it’s hard not to notice Busters BBQ on the way in. Years ago Paul bought me some of their Blueberry BBQ Sauce and I remember it being a commodity back then and I also saw it on “You Gotta Eat Here” so we decided to make a reservation one night to go and try it out.

We went on a Wednesday night and this place was packed. Nothing happened fast here but the staff was extra nice so it hardly even mattered. Al and I decided on splitting some wings to start because they were $14 and I had to see what that was about. 1LB of wings for $14 is robbery if you ask me. Wing night at “Upstairs in the Village” I usually take down 3LBS and an iced tea for under $13 so paying $14 for a pound is a stretch. To top it off I asked if we could split the flavours up and try a couple and she said “no it’s too busy”. Anyway, it turns out the wings were just wings. No gold dust, no special crisp, just regular wings with the Blueberry Chipotle sauce. Plus we got one of those “defect” wings that is a cross between a wing and a drum – I hate that.

$14 Wings

$14 Wings

For dinner the menu specified a few items that were featured on “You Gotta Eat Here”, so I tried the Beef Bacon Cheddar sandwich and it was pretty dry. Ratte had the ribs and he said they were “pretty good” but he also ended up asking for a side of sauce. Dry seemed to be a common theme which is odd for a place known for it’s BBQ sauce. I think we all wanted the sauce to really stand out. What did stand out for me was the sweet potato fries with a side of cajun mayo. The fries were so good that I called back the morning we were leaving so that I could pick some up for the road home.

The next time we are at Blue Lake I will go back just for the sweet potato fries and end up trying something else with that hard to come by sauce.

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