Big Firsts for Lex

It’s been a summer of firsts for Lexi. First of all she couldn’t be more excited about losing her tooth. We had corn on the cob the night before so I am sure that helped but she couldn’t wait. She has another on deck too right next to this one. She left the cutest little note to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep it to show her grandparents. Sure enough she left a toonie and spared the tooth.


The girls and I go swimming a lot. With all the swimming they have done at Joel’s and the Y over the last year they have developed a real confidence in the water. So much that neither want to wear their “floaties” anymore. Sometimes it can be tough to accommodate them both at the pool when they want to do different things in different pools, or the deep end. We changed things up last week and went to Bonivital. Of course Lexi wants the slide in the deep end and Ash wants to collect duckies in the shallow end so I am going back and forth between them. The lifeguard gives me a warning that I need to be arms length of both of them in the pool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, was basically my response. I convince Lexi that collecting duckies is fun and it lasts for about 2 minutes before she is asking me about the big slide in the lap pool. I told her that she would have to do her laps with a life jacket on and then keep it on to go down the slide. When she asks the lifeguard for confirmation we learn that she needs to complete one full lap with no PFD assistance. I honestly didn’t think she could do it so I told her to try swimming across the pool we were in to test it out and she flies across like it was no problem. The life guard encourages her to try and the next thing I know my six year old is in the deep pool swimming it’s entire length! She earned a wristband and a green light to use the big slide and diving platforms. Even better I didn’t have be arms length anymore!

I was super proud of her and better yet she was super proud of herself. On the way out she asked if they would remember her next time of if she would have to do her laps again. “We will remember you they said…but you will still have to do your laps again!”

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